The Winners

1) The Illuminati Belladonna by Caitlin Carter in Best Screenplay
2) Where's Mama? by Bernard Smith in Best Comedy Screenplay
3) The Vanguard Part 1: Six Day Insurrection by Derek Robbins in Best Action Adventure Screenplay
4) Surprise Divorce by William Ebert in Best Dramatic Screenplay
5) Crucifix Gorge by Joshua Essenburg in Best Horror Screenplay
6) Reflections by Kathy Krantz Stewart and Stephanie Kimmel in Best Suspense/Thriller Screenplay
7) DogGone It!, by Jeff Sumner & Dennis Larkin in Best Web Episode/New Media Short
8) Silver Spoon by Farhan Umedaly in Best Music Video
9) The 99th Encounter by Linman Wu in Best Foreign Short
10) Lion Dance by Tim Pattinson & Zheng Kang in Best Animation Short
11) 4 Quarters of Silence by Cody Broadway in Best Documentary Short
12) 00 (Double Zero) by Alberto Martín-Aragón in Best Experimental Short
13) Once Upon a Time in Space by Yijian Lou in Best Sci-Fi Short
14) Monitor by Paul Holtzhausen in Best Horror Short
15) The Piano by Tian Liu in Best Cinematography Short
16) Personal Space by Andrew Hunt in Best Action/Thriller Short
17) Collar by Rowan Maher in Best Drama Short
18) Gunther by Paris Dylan in Best Comedy/Dramedy Short
19) Chasing Stars by Markus Eichenberger in Best Cinematography Short
20) The Admired by Jacqueline Murphy in Best Woman Filmmaker
21) The Buzzing of a Bumblebee by Vladimir Beldian in Best Student Filmmaker
22) Doll by Michael Peer in Best Director
23) August by Xueying Ren in Best Short Film
24) Heels by Ryan Bottiglieri & Britt George in Best Feature Film