Schedule & Ticket

NOTE: Day Pass access is first-come first-served seating for each screening, up to the seating capacity of the theatre, and therefore seating is not guaranteed for all Day Pass (ticket) holders. Advance (online) price is $20, and the Door price is $24.

SATURDAY MAY 27th, 2017

Love Made Visible, Drama Short    (17:58 min)

The Beginning, Drama Short    (11:30 min)

Collar, Drama Short    (16:00 min) 

Chasing Stars, Cinematography Short    (6:53 min) 

The Piano, Cinematography Short    (12:13 min) 

Silent Fall, Cinematography Short    (3:06 min) 

Eye of the Beholder, Cinematography Short    (11:38 min)

Karma, Animation Short    (3:48 min) 

Stars, Animation Short    (5:06 min) 

Lion Dance, Animation Short    (5:59 min)

...WHERE IS SHE NOW?, Feature Film    (119 min)

Timeline '2017, Short Film     (8:05 min) 

Twin Brothers Worlds Apart, Short Film     (19:33 min) 

August, Short Film     (13:37 min) 

One Man Called Olivier Bécaille, Short Film     (27:42 min) 

At Vincent’s, Short Film      (25:03 min)

Silver Spoon, Music Video     (4:17 min) 

Story to Tell, Music Video     (14:50 min)

Be(You)tiful, Director Short     (11:40 min) 

Doll, Director Short     (8:00 min)

Criticsized, Feature Film     (86 min)

My Best & Only One, Short Film     (15:31 min) 

To Walk, Short Film     (10:00 min) 

Living Idle, Short Film     (15:00 min) 

Luna Park, Short Film     (8:16 min)

The World’s Longest Wait, Comedy/Dramedy Short     (8:56 min) 

Gunther, Comedy/Dramedy Short     (7:37 min) 

Three Sheets to the Wind, Comedy/Dramedy Short     (9:12 min) 

For Richer or Poorer, Comedy/Dramedy Short     (25:05 min) 

The 99th Encounter, Foreign Short     (4:19 min) 

Burn in Hell, Foreign Short     (5:03 min)

Heels, Feature Film     (89 min)


EIDETIC, Action/Thriller Short     (16:00 min) 

Personal Space, Action/Thriller Short     (8:00 min) 

FILS, Action/Thriller Short     (14:10 min)

Requembarren, Experimental Short     (16:00 min) 

00 (Double Zero), Experimental Short     (8:00 min) 

I Take Photos, Documentary Short     (5:30 min) 

Magic Cobra Tattoo, Documentary Short     (4:11 min) 

4 Quarters of Silence, Documentary Short     (17:42 min) 

Rangers of the Reef, Documentary Short     (13:46 min)

Might, Sci-Fi Short     (18:53 min) 

Once Upon a Time in Space, Sci-Fi Short     (19:27 min) 

What Once Was, Sci-Fi Short     (19:33 min)

DogGone It!, Web/New Media Short     (19:33 min) 

Phoenix Run "Home", Web/New Media Short     (9:00 min)

Life Interrupted, Web/New Media Short     (6:35 min) 

Women Prayed and Preyed Upon, Woman Filmmaker Short     (30:00 min) 

The Admired, Woman Filmmaker Short     (19:06 min)

The Buzzing of a Bumblebee, Student Filmmaker Short     (28:54 min) 

Sorry, Thank You, Student Filmmaker Short     (10:35 min) 

Letter to Heaven, Student Filmmaker Short     (5:29 min) 

Phantom!, Student Filmmaker Short     (9:42 min)

Monitor, Horror Short     (13:00 min) 

Emily, Horror Short     (12:00 min) 

Red Vinyl, Horror Short     (15:52 min) 

Vexed, Horror Short     (15:59 min)

As we conclude the festival, join us for the Awards Ceremony where we will award and honor the winners who have won in each of our 23 Genre Categories!


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